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What do your predecessors tell

“I felt as though I was in a deadlock situation with my boss. We did not succeed any longer to cooperate professionally due to some unpleasant events in the past. Matthijs provided me with insight into the relationship and helped me to build a strength and weakness profile of my boss. My understanding of his attitude improved. Furthermore, we discussed my communication towards him and the effects of that on his behavior towards me. Matthijs brought not only his coaching experience to the table, but his banking background as well.
Result: today our cooperation works well. It’s good for the firm and good for my peace of mind.”

(N-2 manager: German bank)


“The coaching of Matthijs is a process of continuously readjusting. After each conversation, I thought differently about my daily professional life. On the way, I got new insights. I learned to use qualities, which I did not use before. By doing so, I improved strongly my interaction with my colleagues.
Result: today I use my interpersonal capabilities in an optimal manner. This helps me professionally and personally.”

(N-2 manager: Belgium insurance company)



“I had problems in convincing others of my ideas. Matthijs helped me to understand my own personality and communication style and to assess those of others. Our conversations were rich in content and not at all confrontational. In addition, he handed me the tools to understand problems better than before.
Result: Today I am able to adapt my communication towards others in such a way that I can convince them.”

(Country manager: Dutch pharmaceutical company)

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