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Coaching that fits you

Coaching is an individual program. It is fully adapted to your goals and personality. In order to provide you with more insight, I have listed the different types of coaching available:


Executive coaching

for senior managers and high potentials.

During the coaching, you learn:

- to cope with challenges outside of your comfort zone;
- to prepare for reorganizations, mergers and takeovers;
- to implement change management programs;
- to prevent inefficiencies caused by stress;
- to stimulate your personal development;
- to apply new capabilities as a manager.


Business coaching

for small business owners and managers of startup businesses.

During the coaching, you learn:

- to cope with startup problems of running your own business;
- to anticipate and prepare the growth of the business;
- to change the course of your business;
- to attract and retain top staff;
- to cope with profitability problems.


Career coaching

for managers struggling with career issues.

During the coaching, you will find answers to:

- do I want to stay with the firm or not?
- do I take on this new challenge and if so how?
- do I change the direction of my career and if so how?
- How do I cope with a changing environment, for instance a new boss?
- How do I implement newly acquired skills for lasting impact?

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