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The coaching cyclus: four steps to success

1. Before: intake meeting

Together, we discover whether coaching could help you or not. In addition, we determine the suitable coaching approach. The following are certainly topics of our conversation:


1. your need for coaching;
2. your expectations;
3. confidentiality;
4. our way of working and reporting;
5. who should be involved in your coaching process;
6. what are the costs;
7. our way of gathering information and keeping contact;
8. what do you want to realise at the end;


You choose when and where we will meet. After the intake, you decide whether you will be coached by me or not. If yes, we will come to an agreement


2. Coaching: 5 to 7 sessions

You choose when, where and how (life, by phone or by e-mail) the coaching will take place.
During the coaching, I ask questions and I give feedback.
Questions, you do not ask yourself. Questions, you do need to think about.
And your answers will provide new insights to you.

Result: You get new insights and translate these into goal oriented actions


3. Tasks: between sessions

After each session, you will get home work. For instance: assignments to put your new insights into practice, exercises to sharpen your awareness, on-line personality tests like MBTI and FIRO-B, testing new behaviour, ...


4. Evaluation: extensive and result oriented

We compare your coaching goals with your results. We use different methods: observations by the involved manager, 360°-feedback, self-assessment, ...

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